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Audio: 50 Cent on Angie Martinez (9/30/09)

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Topics: Kanye + Gaga tour (= “gay tour”), Jay-Z (“coolest punk in hip-hop”), Eminem (speculates that Em isn’t happy with the mix of Forever), Kim Kardashian perfume business venture, how he feels his career hasn’t peaked yet (“I think I got another 5 years left”), MTV Hottest MC list (“I think I’m #1”), Banks’ double-disc mixtape (“I heard him say that, and I’m making sure it’s not 2 CDs. I can’t even listen to me that much.”), Lil Wayne and more.

Curtis has mastered passive aggression. Still as entertaining as ever.

Audio: 50 Cent on Angie Martinez (9/30/09)


Vick, Nike Sign New Deal

September 30, 2009 7 comments

NEW YORK — Michael Vick is back with Nike two years after the company severed ties over the quarterback’s involvement in a dogfighting ring.

“Mike has a long-standing, great relationship with Nike, and he looks forward to continuing that relationship,” his agent, Joel Segal, said Wednesday.

Segal would not reveal terms of the agreement. Nike declined a request for comment.

The deal was announced during a panel discussion at the Sports Sponsorship Symposium by Michael Principe, the managing director of BEST, the agency that represents Vick.

The endorsement is the latest step forward for Vick as he seeks to rehabilitate his career and his image after serving 18 months in federal prison. On Sunday, Vick played his first regular-season game since December 2006. Read more…

Young Money TRAV – Ride The Wave

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Check out this track “Ride The Wave” by Trav (aka Young Money Trav), which has been gaining some buzz. Shouts to Bottom Feeder. Enjoy! Peep his Myspace here.

Download: Trav – Ride The Wave

Video: 50 Cent Warns You Listening To Fat Joe is Dangerous

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50 is a fool…

NFL Star Thomas Jones on Life and Love (and Megan Good)

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Forget all the stereotypes you’ve heard about Black ball players. In his quiet and humble way, New York Jets’ Thomas Jones is redefining what it means to be a sports star as he takes care of his family and friends, finishes his Masters degree in education and builds a strong and monagmous relationship with actress girlfriend Megan Good.  

ESSENCE.COM: Mr. Jones, you are more than meets the eye. What would people be surprised to know about you and what are some of the stereotypes you face as an athlete?

THOMAS JONES: Well, the three main stereotypes I hear about athletes that aren’t true are we aren’t intelligent, that we are greedy and that we don’t give back. I am finishing my Masters in Education and have always worked just as hard in school, as on the field. I never hear anything about my scholarship, but if I say something in the moment it’s everywhere. At the end of the day, everyone can’t do this job, so it’s easy to say we’re greedy, but we put our lives on the line. It’s like getting into a car accident every week when we’re on the field. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with being in the limelight, and we have to try extra hard to keep ourselves out of trouble. It’s hard. Trouble tries to find you. Read more…

NAACP Protests Obama Strip Club Banner

September 30, 2009 4 comments

By Associated Press September 29, 2009 10:00 am

Activists gathered outside a downtown strip club Monday to denounce as racist a banner depicting President Obama as the Joker from Batman.

“Not only is it an attack on the president, but also on all men and people of African descent,” King Salim Khalfani, president of the Virginia NAACP, said of what he called “the abomination that’s on the wall” outside Club Velvet.

The banner, unfurled within the past few days, depicts Obama as Heath Ledger’s grotesque Joker character from “The Dark Knight.” The president is shown with smeared red lipstick, a white face and darkened eyes. The word “socialism” is spelled out below the caricature. Read more…

Secret Service Investigating Facebook Poll Asking Whether Obama Should Be Killed

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The Secret Service is investigating the circumstances surrounding an eye-opening Facebook poll that asked whether Obama should be assassinated, a Secret Service spokesman confirms to us.

“We are taking the appropriate investigative steps,” the spokesman, Ed Donovan, told our reporter, Amanda Erickson. “We are aware of it.”

The poll asked: “Should Obama be killed?” It offered four choices: No, Maybe, Yes, and Yes if he cuts my health care.

The poll, of course, is only the latest example of the sort of viral incitement to violence that flares up when the sparks of anti-Obama hatred are fed oxygen by the bellows of the Internets. While anyone can put up such a poll, this kind of stuff is a sign of the moment — as David Kurtz put it, it’s akin to graffiti on the virtual wall of our times.

According to a source, the Secret Service has contacted Facebook and asked them to take the poll down. And, indeed, it’s already down.

Given that the Secret Service is investigating the circumstances of the poll, it seems clear that they’re looking into who was behind it. More if we learn it.