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Swagger x Nike Terminator Hi Supreme

In honor of their 10th anniversary, Japanese label Swagger hooked up with Nike to create this Terminator High Supreme. The collaborative design, which we have shown you on two other occasions, is now available at select retailers such as Concepts.

This particular sneaker design may be one of the more uniquely-styled releases we have seen this year. Both shoes are inspired by chocolate, with one owning a mint-colored base and the other possessing a dark chocolate-colored upper. As for the makeup, both sneakers are also smothered in a patent leather snakeskin texture which sits atop a monochromatic sole. Does the mismatch look suit you?

If you recall, Nike unleashed two crocodile leather embossed Air Force 1 colorways in 2004; they were some of the more subtle yet stylish Air Force 1 styles yet. However, Nike has jacked the “HTM” style from the aforementioned Air Force 1’s and applied it to this upcoming Terminator High.

It too contains a 100% black crocodile embossed leather mixed with a white midsole and a black outsole. It is also finished with metallic silver laceholders, ballistic nylon around the ankle area and white shoelaces. The latter feature gives the entire sneaker a nice color contrast. No word yet on when this shoe will release in the states; however, it is now available at NOS.

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