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Jay-Z & Alicia Keys Perform At The World Series

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“Lil Wayne Might Cut His Dreads Off”

October 27, 2009 6 comments

Once Lil Wayne reports to prison he might have to cut his dreads off.

An expert on jail procedures says that New York inmates aren’t allowed to have excessive hair on their head unless there in cornrows and it can’t go past their neck.

WDKX – Rochester, New York

As word is still spreading that LIL WAYNE was sentenced to one year in state prison, now come the inevitable questions: logistics.

Among many of the questions comes an interesting one: Will Weezy have to cut off his dreadlocks?

By now most of the world knows Wayne with his signature dreads – he even helped spur a resurgence of the tedious style following his meteoric success. But according to New York State law, dreadlocks are almost always forbidden. Read more…

Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz – I Can Transform Ya OFFICIAL VIDEO

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TA. Barr

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Martel Barrett, Chicago Teen Slained At 17 On His Way To School

October 26, 2009 1 comment

UPDATE: Martel Barrett was pronounced dead at 5:07 p.m. at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, according to a spokesman for the Cook County medical examiner’s office. Details to come.

A 17-year-old boy was shot and seriously wounded while on his way to school this morning on the South Side, Chicago police and family members said.
Martel Barrett was wounded about 9:20 a.m. near 67th Street and Damen Avenue in the West Englewood neighborhood, said Chicago Police Officer Laura Kubiak. He was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn in critical condition.

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Lil Wayne – Run This Town Freestyle

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It makes no sense what Wayne did to this track. In 2 minutes he single handedly put an end to who had the best verse on Run This Town. Wayne did. I mean seriously as I typed this my face is folded like a crumbled up piece of paper. I swear I look some something stinks.

“Super Ill Super sick, Dog I go super Vick, Ran into a super woman, turned her to a super bitch hit her w/ the super dick, she be coming super quick… Now I’m off that super shit, fuck that shit I super quit”

Lil Wayne – Run This Town [Freestyle]

Yet Another Black Stereotype…

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It’s amazing how the human body knows when you’re holding urine because there’s no toilet, and when you’re holding urine simply to be vain. Ever notice how when you’re on the freeway and you have to go really bad when you finally get a toilet, your body releases the urine just as you’re pulling your pants down. It’s as if you made it, “just in time.” Well apparently my body was well aware of me which meant it was bathroom time. So I’m at the parking lot of this building here in Memphis which shall remain nameless when this happens. You guys should’ve seen my fat ass dash across the parking lot to get to the bathroom.

There was a guy at the sink trying to get a stain out of his shirt. He was on the phone speaking in Chinese to someone. From the tone of his voice the conversation seemed to be business oriented. Hell I don’t know; for all I know they could’ve been talking about hot Asian porn or the Miami Dolphins. None the less we made eye contact so I gave him a quick nod and scurried into my stall. As you settle in to a stall you sit and wonder what food you ate earlier that week that’s brought you to this point; “Was it the Ravioli from Monday? Or is this the Shrimp pasta from last night?”

My pondering of these deep thought were rudely interrupted by the cell phone ring of a man in the stall next to me. Everyone talks about using cell phones in restaurants or libraries being rude, I think this should be extended to bathrooms. This guy answers the phone while he’s taking a dump. What call is THAT important?!! How does he know that I’m not in need of peace and quiet?!! How dare him!!!! Read more…

Educated African Americans Need To Have More Babies…

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I came across this article in a blog and found it very interesting. I always thought certain people need to stop having babies because we obviously have a problem with contributing to the behavior of african-americans in our communities. We’re not helping other races put away the stereotypes, give the government more reasons to help make high school students more successful and higher education more affordable for all students, not just Blacks, and most of all, kill the idea that funding the prison system is the only way to solve the problem of HELPING US.

I admit, I thought the only thing that could be done is addressing the people that want nothing out life and constantly having babies. The people that make it out the hood, I observed, just want to be able to maintain they have achieved with no troubles, especially from the hood they came from. Well, if you make it out the hood and you’re educated, give back to society… give us a baby!

Grrrr. The title of today’s blog was the subject line of an email I received yesterday on the BelleBerry.

*please note the clear distinction between what i’ve said and what I’ve quoted others as saying

Reluctantly, I opened it.

Double Grrr.

This is what the email said*:

Last weekend I attended my best friend’s bday dinner (the big 30)! A bunch of us were sitting around engaging in the regular banter of late 20’s/ early 30 young professionals. My BFF segues from into a story about a visit at her Ob/Gyn where her doctor, a white woman, begged her to start multiplying. The Ob/Gyn hoped not to offend, then told her more educated, professional AA’s need to start having babies and need to start having them soon, to balance out the craziness in our community.

She asked my BFF if any of her friends have babies (which none of us do). Upon hearing that we did not, her OBGYN was futher alarmed. She asked what is going to become of African- Americans if all of the educated folks continue to be baby free?

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