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Mr. Hudson – Instant Message

Mr. Hudson dropped the video for his song Instant Messenger. It’s a simple concept, but the beat goes hard and the vocals are dope. I can really relate to people not responding to a message, email or text. This is for you…

Have you ever gave your number to someone, only for them to never use it? Or have you ever wondered why phone calls suddenly stop? Well here are the reasons people stop calling you.

Busy Bee – Sometimes when the phone calls stop or slow down it simply means that a person is busy. They’re at work, handling business or just couldn’t find the time to give you ring. You really shouldn’t take it personal.

You’ve Been Replaced – If you once talked on the phone for hours upon hours, and then suddenly the phone calls stop. You call and the hour long conversations turn into what your doing… ok I’ll call you back, or you call get sent to voice mail, only to get a text message saying “what’s up”. You’re ass got replaced. You are no longer worthy of their time and you probably should move on. Now don’t push the panic button if this happens once or twice, but when it becomes the routine practice… Save your self the drama and delete their number.

You’re Not Being Felt – The person might not be that into you. I mean really, things happen and people don’t always click. They might not have even taken the time to realize how fly you were as a person. They have no clue that you’re the person who will rock their world in the bedroom, and introduce them to new things. It’s really their lost for being lame.

They’re F*cking – A lot of time when your calls are being answered or returned, it’s because the person you’re calling is having sex with someone else. This other person is giving it to them all the time whenever and however they want. Deal with it. Do something to get their attention back or move the fuck on. You might have to show up ass naked or pop up at the club in some bunny slippers and a bottle of E&J but do something. (Please note we do not support stalker behavior.) Just stop leaving voicemails and sending text messages that make people think you’re crazy.
Number 5 is all on you. What are some other reasons you stop taking people’s calls?


5 Reasons Your Calls Aren’t Being Returned is Courtesy of BlogXilla

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