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Lil Wayne + Syrup = Success?

(Lil Wayne’s left eye tattoo….before…..and after)

In the Tim West Wood Interview Wayne Talks:

  • Tim asks Weezy about the big “styrofoam cup” debate….and Wayne gets mildly worked up into a froth when Tim congratulates him on allegedly moving from an opiate to alcohol.
  • Wayne talks about why he covered up that teardrop tatt under his left eye.

…whatever the hell was in my cup the only reaction I made was I got more popular, more successful, did a lot more things than I’ve ever done, picked up a guitar, learned how to play it, learned how to put on the autotune and stretch my voice, and became #1 in the country with everything that I dropped, I probably should pick that cup back up….dont judge me. He was on “60 Minutes” with Katie “Curry”, was you? He won 4 Grammys, the year of the cup, did you? No. What the hell was in his cup. Whatever he was drinking must be a m-f’in success potion. That’s why I tell people f–k you….suck my cup, and my d–k, b—h.


One of my faves, Baby, tells HipHopChronicle about his newly launched Cash Money UK (hmm, those have historically not worked so well), a new song with Kevin Rudolf “Cash Money Heroes” featuring Lil Wayne, Birdman & Jay Sean. And the fact that Lil Wayne’s “Rebirth,” and “Carter IV” will drop on the same day with and The Young Money album too. Yikes. Why?

He has since kicked the habit but what kind of message is he sending to the younger generation. You have to be on some sh*t to make it? And is he saying that he’s not as successful now because he’s no longer drinking out of the styrofoam cup? hmmm..

Lil Wayne’s The Carter 4 (Rap) and Rebirth (Rock) albums will drop December 15th.

Props to Miss Info

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