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Quickie: Ma$e, Diddy, Nas,and Lola Monroe….

  • Mase Confronts Diddy To Get Released From Bad Boy While He Is Live On Air


Mase then heads towards the studio where Puff is, I tell my camera man to follow him and he straight De-bo’s the interview LIVE ON AIR (pay attention to Puff’s face, when he walks in). He’s gone for a while, then he comes back out with the letter like, I told you! I’m FREE!!!!
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Update from Miss Info:
that signature wasn’t on a contract release form…it was basically an appearance release form. Basically, Diddy is allowing Mase to appear on songs with other artists. He is not freeing Mase from his contractual obligations to Bad Boy.

Props Shuddup

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  • The IRS ain’t a joke, they coming for rappers right now.
  • TMZ has obtained a federal tax lien filed last month against Nas for a whopping $2,584,206.31. Looks like Nas didn’t pay his taxes in 2006 and 2007.

Method Man Speaks On Tax Evasion Problems

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