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Ms. Fiona: “Help Me My Man Can’t Stay Hard”

I think I’m falling for Ms. Fiona…


As you know I sat down w/ Melanie Fiona and I asked her to answer one of my reader’s questions, asked her about the I love you, but I’m not in love you idea and we talked about emotional women and when to call me. It’s a great video. First here is what my reader wanted to know.

Dear Xilla,

Have you ever saw someone and knew instantly that there was connection. Like you knew that eventually something was going to happen. Peep this: I saw lil buddy freshman year. He was walking in the student union with his little black backpack, gray sweatpants, white tee and black cap cocked to the side. You know, that regular, college, ‘I just rolled out of bed but I’m going to class’ look. Dude had that aura about him.

Fast Forward to senior year: we connect and start hanging out. We soon find out that we are true sexual intellectuals, but there is a hitch in the giddy up. If the IOC gave out medals for oral interpretations, we would sweep every category. But get this: he cannot stay hard when we trying to fuck. He literally gets 6 pumps and goes soft. I’m like WTF? I take that shit as a insult. Real Talk. It bothers with him too. He gets mad cause he can’t stay up and wants to fuck so badly but the manxilla ain’t cooperating with him. Matter of fact, he suggested I write you for help. LOL.

Now, don’t get me wrong, every time we get it in the sparks are there. He speaks life to the kitty. She gives him a special welcome and vacation package. Its crazy the response he elicits. I just want him to give it to me right or don’t give it to me at all © Melanie Fiona. It isn’t like he can’t do better. I know so. He’s done it before.

Now it seems like we are strictly oral. I mean is that possible? Wheretheydothatat? I usually have to play with him and slob on the manxilla to get it back up, but this gets old real quick. Xilla, do you have any ideas for us? I refuse to get TMJ. Confession: he has a porn habit.

Made hard to STAY hard


Props to BlogXilla

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