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Jordan VIII with Heels

November 9, 2009 7 comments

These aren’t an official pair of shoes from Bran Jordan… but would females actually wear these?


Nike Air Force 1 “Savage Beast”

October 16, 2009 Leave a comment

These kicks might be a little weird, especially if you don’t know the inspiration behind the creation.

With each passing photo of the Air Force 1 “Savage Beast”, many of you continue to express your undeniable want for this sneaker. With that said, we have now received word that the Air Force 1 “Savage Beast” is now available at 21 Mercer Street.

If you recall, the “Savage Beast” was created as one of the Halloween inspired sneakers for this year. This Air Force 1 was inspired by the savage beast monster in the Bugs Bunny cartoon. Its base is done up and smothered entirely in orange pony hair. The only other color and texture designs on this sneaker is the beige canvas swoosh and heel tab (which reads, Savage Beast in red) along with the black and red Nike tongue logo and the debray. To finish it off, this sneaker is complimented with a brown outsole.

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Air Jordan 2010

October 12, 2009 Leave a comment

At the end of last month, a sneak peek look at the Air Jordan 2010 was given, and the majority of you bashed it before even viewing the full sneaker! However, does your opinion change now that you see the sneaker in its entirety?

First off, these leaked photos (from OSneaker) are just a sample of the Air Jordan 2010. With that said, it is very likely that the official Air Jordan 2010 will possess different features. From what we can see, it features a black, red and charcoal color makeup with a couple of distinctive details including Air Jordan XIII-like side panels overlapped by an enlarged Jumpman logo. What are your thoughts on this Air Jordan 2010 sample? Read more…

Air Jordan XV (15) SE Sample

October 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Back in the Summer of 2007, this Look See Sample of the Jordan was created, though it’d never be released. The SE version of the AJXV is a modified silhouette of the original, cleaning up many of the original features that weren’t very well received.

This particular sneaker used a mostly white upper, keeping the leather thatching against pebbled leather. Thick red piping lines the tongue opening, and also is used on the outsole. The midsole features the outlined Jordan icon collage from the Air Jordan XX. This same look was used as laser itching for the Air Jordan 4 PE for Carmelo Anthony for last Summer’s Olympics, so given the date on these, there’s a good chance these were originally intended for one of the USA’s players. Read more…

Air Jordan XXI Prototype

October 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Before there was an Air Jordan XXI, there was an Air Jordan Elev8. That part numerical codename disguised this prototype sample before it was revised and became the actual release sneaker, which featured quite a few different features.

This prototype is also slathered in red suede from ankle to toe, but a major change for the upper you’ll notice is the placement of the circular plastic grate near the collar. It also features red accents on the sole, instead of being completely black. The tongue here features a modified OG “Wings” logo instead of the Jumpman logo, and the underside of the sole uses a 4-pod cushioning system. One feature that would have been a great addition to the release version is the “PPG-28.2 RPG-6.5 APG-5.9 SPG-2.39 PTS-2313″ text that wraps around the inside of the sole. Those numbers are, of course, Michael’s rookie year stats from 1984-1985. Read more…

Richard Chai x PRO-Keds

October 9, 2009 Leave a comment

For New York Fashion Week, designer Richard Chai worked with PRO-Keds on this collection, working with a mixture of silhouettes and turning out some interesting designs.

Chai’s an American fashion designer, so of course he brought a high-end style to the classic sneaker label. The low-top keeps it simple, using mostly grey tones and a zipper for securing them, even though they do have lace holes. The high-top also uses grey tones and an off-white patterned print. It also works with a zipper, but features interior padding, as well as matching stripes along the side.

These may be a high little high-fashion for some sneakerheads, but be on the lookout in Spring of 2010 for the complete collection to hit stores. Read more…

Nike Terminator: Fall 2009

September 26, 2009 Leave a comment

For Fall 2009, Nike has released two colorways of their Terminator model. It seems this silhouette has come a long way from its OG grey and navy make-up intended for Georgetown basketball. Nike appeases both sexes by releasing both an effeminate and a masculine colorway as the latest newborns in the Terminator lineage. For the men, a simple black/yellow color-up is utilized. Whereas for the women, Nike altered the traditional upper a bit to provide an alternating grey/turquoise diagonal stripe in the mid panel therefore separating the pink toe box and heel. Read more…