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Haiti Earthquake Corpses Used As Roadblocks In Port-au-Prince Protest

January 19, 2010 Leave a comment

A.P. Sinkler (iPhone)


Black Women: Whose fault is it that you can’t find a man?

January 7, 2010 2 comments

So by now I’m sure everybody has seen the YouTube segment from ABC’s Nightline discussing the issue of single successful lonely black women. In recent weeks it seems to be the hot topic. As a result, tonight on Freedom Through Speech Radio we’ll be discussing the phenomenon with Paul Carrick Brunson, The Modern Day Matchmaker; check him out:

According to the ABC piece, 42% of “successful” black women in America are single. Supposedly, this is a direct result of black women becoming successful at a faster pace than black men in these modern times. Surely there are other factors involved, but this is the reason we’re having this discussion on the show tonight. So what’s your take? Are you a single successful black woman who just happens to be lonely? Are successful single black women full of shit and making excuses as they are in the following piece? Are we too quick to accept how we are defined through the lenses of non-minorities in the media and otherwise?

So you tell me: What’s the deal ladies and gentlemen? Is becoming a successful black woman really like signing a death certificate in the dating game between black men and women? Are they looking in the wrong places? Why does marriage elude them? Is interracial marriage the answer? Should we accept it as “that’s just how it is,” for black folks or black women in particular? Are black men really intimidated by the success of a black woman, and says who? As a married man myself with four daughters, two of whom are college bound in a couple of years. Do I tell them to give up any hopes of marriage?


Man Kills 15 Year Old Son Execution Style

November 19, 2009 3 comments

A father in Michigan shot his son in the head for allegedly admitting to him that he had touched his 3-year-old sister sexually:
The family of slain 15-year-old Jamar Pinkney Jr. was overcome with emotions Wednesday as his father was led into court and arraigned on first-degree murder charges in his death.Police said Jamar Pinkney Sr. forced his son, Jamar Pinkney Jr., to get naked and then he led him out of his mother’s Highland Park home Monday and shot him execution-style in the head in a nearby field. Jamar Pinkney Sr. was charged with first-degree murder, which carries a maximum penalty of life in prison without chance for parole. He was also charged with three counts of felonious assault and felony firearm. Highland Park Judge Bridgette Officer arraigned the 37-year-old on the charges Wednesday afternoon in 30th District Court. Jamar Pinkney Sr. pleaded guilty at the arraignment.
“In the event that there’s evidence that he did do this…that’s something that either a jury or a judge would have to take a good, hard look at,” said the defendant’s attorney, Corbett Edge O’Meara.
A judge ordered the father held without bond and set a preliminary examination for Dec. 1. “You seen the look on this face, no expressions or nothing, just a cold-hearted murder,” said one of the victim’s family members outside the courtroom Wednesday. The victim’s mother and her sister told police that Jamar Pinkney Sr. came into the home Monday afternoon with a gun and began arguing with his son. Family members said the argument stemmed from a confession made by the son. According to Jamar Pinkney Jr.’s family, the teen told his mother that he’d touched his 3-year-old half-sister inappropriately at his father’s Detroit home. The toddler is his father’s daughter with another woman. Jamar Pinkney Jr.’s aunt Yolanda Cherry told Local 4 she was in the home during the argument. “He beat my nephew real bad in the head, where he had knots like he had been in a boxing ring,” said Cherry. When Cherry tried to intervene, she said, the father pulled out a gun.
“I ran down the street to get police down here and I heard a gunshot,” said Cherry. Witnesses at the scene told Local 4 that they saw Jamar Pinkney Sr. order the naked teen out of the home and to an empty field. A woman who did not want her identity revealed told Local 4 what she saw.
“He brought him out the house, he walked him over there and said, ‘Get on the ground,’ and he’s like, ‘No, Daddy, no, Daddy,’ and next thing you know, he grabbed his head and he shot him,” said the witness. The witness said the father calmly got into his vehicle and drove away. “He was calm and drove off like a regular person, like he didn’t do anything, and I am like, ‘wow,’” said the witness. Police were looking for the father after he fled the area. He was caught a few hours later. “Whatever my grandson did there, there is nothing in this world that was worth taking his life. He got him down on his knees and killed him,” said the boy’s grandfather.
“No individual has the right to exact the death penalty on another, no matter how reprehensible the behavior. That is why we have laws,” said Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy. Jamar was a sophomore at Martin Luther King High School. Family members said he was active in sports. Jamar Pinkney Jr.’s aunt Janice Burkes said she doesn’t believe the allegations of molestation because her nephew was a sweet boy and very good with kids. “No I can’t believe that I think. It’s a bunch of crap,” said Burkes. A candlelight vigil for the victim was held Tuesday evening in Highland Park. His funeral has been set for Monday. A fund has been set up to help the family with burial expenses. Donations can be made at the Charter One Bank branch in Highland Park.

Successful Black Woman Don’t Get Enough Sex…

November 11, 2009 2 comments

and most of them don’t get married, which is more proof to my blog about men making “hoes” their wife.

Michelle Obama may have become an archetypal African-American female success story — law career, strong marriage, happy children — but the reality is often very different for other highly educated black women. Read more…

Sperm Allergy Ruins Woman’s Wedding Night

November 10, 2009 Leave a comment

The only thing newlyweds Julie and Mike Boyde wanted was a baby. The couple had already begun planning for a family and started to build a nursery in their Ambridge, Pa., home. But a painful diagnosis shattered their dream of getting pregnant. On their wedding night, they discovered that Julie was allergic to Mike’s semen when they had unprotected sex for the first time.

“Before we were always very careful and, you know, used protection, and that time we didn’t,” Julie Boyde, 26, said. “So, we figured we were married now, so if we got pregnant, we got pregnant.”

She continues, “Pretty much right after, I knew something was not right because I was in a lot of pain. The pain that I was feeling was inside, kind of like, somebody was sticking needles up inside of me and like a burning, like really painful burning.”

It turns out she suffers from “Seminal Plasma Hypersensitivity.” And she’s not alone, 20,000 to 40,000 women may be diagnosed, as well.

“The body recognizes semen as a foreign protein just as it would recognize a peanut allergen or pollen,” said Dr. Andrew Goldstein, director of the Centers for Vulvovaginal Disorders in Annapolis, Md. “So you have swelling, you have itching, you have inflammation of the nerve endings.”

The Boydes tried a revolutionary new treatment they hoped would allow them to have a baby. And although it proved unsuccessful for them, doctors hope it can help other women who have a similar problem.

What’s with the Big Booty Obsession?

November 9, 2009 18 comments

It all started in 1992, when Sir Mix A Lot announced that he liked big butts, and about that, he couldn’t lie. Since then, we have been consumed by the big booty hysteria.

The big butt pandemic appears to have taken this country and its inhabitants by storm.  Perhaps never before has a single body part been so overly glorified. Read more…

Yet Another Black Stereotype…

October 25, 2009 Leave a comment

It’s amazing how the human body knows when you’re holding urine because there’s no toilet, and when you’re holding urine simply to be vain. Ever notice how when you’re on the freeway and you have to go really bad when you finally get a toilet, your body releases the urine just as you’re pulling your pants down. It’s as if you made it, “just in time.” Well apparently my body was well aware of me which meant it was bathroom time. So I’m at the parking lot of this building here in Memphis which shall remain nameless when this happens. You guys should’ve seen my fat ass dash across the parking lot to get to the bathroom.

There was a guy at the sink trying to get a stain out of his shirt. He was on the phone speaking in Chinese to someone. From the tone of his voice the conversation seemed to be business oriented. Hell I don’t know; for all I know they could’ve been talking about hot Asian porn or the Miami Dolphins. None the less we made eye contact so I gave him a quick nod and scurried into my stall. As you settle in to a stall you sit and wonder what food you ate earlier that week that’s brought you to this point; “Was it the Ravioli from Monday? Or is this the Shrimp pasta from last night?”

My pondering of these deep thought were rudely interrupted by the cell phone ring of a man in the stall next to me. Everyone talks about using cell phones in restaurants or libraries being rude, I think this should be extended to bathrooms. This guy answers the phone while he’s taking a dump. What call is THAT important?!! How does he know that I’m not in need of peace and quiet?!! How dare him!!!! Read more…