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Chris Brown Is Upset That Tiger’s Wife Got Away With Beating Him

December 4, 2009 1 comment

Chris Brown thinks that the world is one-sided because Tiger’s case was closed so quickly while he had his drag on. Maybe he thinks Tiger’s wife should’ve been investigated for domestic abuse too and have the negative media attention that he’s been getting. I guess he may have a point but that doesn’t excuse his behavior. Here’s what he Tweeted after the Tiger case was pronounced over.


Ashley “AJ” Jewell Death **Update**

October 6, 2009 6 comments

Frederick Richardson, the suspect accused of murdering Kandi Burruss’s ex-fiance AJ Jewell, appeared in an Atlanta courtroom earlier today on voluntary manslaughter charges and was denied bond. According to Columbus Urban Life, Richardson’s attorney attempted to get the charges of manslaughter dismissed however the judge in the case denied the request. His attorney argued that “the medical examiner has not officially determined a cause of death to support the manslaughter charge” and that AJ could have died from a health problem. His attorney also claims that AJ Jewell pulled a gun on Frederick and delivered the first blow.

There has been many stories floating around online regarding the possible motive behind the killing including a rumored relationship that AJ Jewell might have had with Frederick Richardson’s wife Veronica Jones, however, Hip Hop Enquirer was tipped off a day after the incident on what possibly happened that night. Peep it below:

Our source stated that a short time after midnight Ashley “AJ” Jewell was approached by several men in the club’s parking lot who were supposedly friends of “Cornbread” husband to former Body Tap owner Veronica M. Jones. Our source stated that Ms. Jones and Ashley Jewell were in an ongoing dispute over how he acquired the club from her and apparently she was not happy with the terms of that acquisition. We were told that Mr. Jewell purchased the club for a million dollars and the deal was supposed to have been completed last week but that there were issues as to the terms of the agreement.

Our source stated that Ms. Jones’s husband Cornbread and his “goons” ambushed Mr. Jewell in the parking lot upon his arrival and allegedly Fredrick Richardson delivered the fatal blow. Read more…

Nas Speaks With CNN About His Letter About Derrion Albert’s Death

October 6, 2009 Leave a comment

Nas – “I will not change my Music to make it more Positive”

SHAME: A Chicago Honor Roll Student Is Beaten Death While Leaving School

September 27, 2009 1 comment

This is truly a disturbing story, unbelievable to see how crazy and heartless these kids can be.