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Chris Brown: Transform Ya Video Pics with Wayne and Swizz

October 20, 2009 Leave a comment


Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Swizz Beats – Transform Ya

September 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Chris Brown released a new record titled “Transform Ya” earlier today which will be the first single off of his new album “Graffiti”. The song features Lil Wayne and is produced by Swizz Beats. The video was shot this past weekend in LA…

Chris Brown – Transform Ya

Also, watch C. Brown in his most recent video appearance, Ester Dean – “Drop It Low”. Homegirl is kind of dope, someone to hopefull stay around…

Where’s The Love: A. Keys Not The Superwoman Everyone Thought???

September 26, 2009 1 comment
Swizz Beatz/Alicia Keys/Mashonda
Swizz Beatz/Alicia Keys/Mashonda

So last night Mashonda (who is sort of still married to Swizz Beats) decided to confront Alicia Keys on twitter. Alicia was tweeting about love earlier that day and MaShonda felt she was being insensitive to her situation since her divorce to Swizz Beats hasn’t been finalized. So she wrote up a long tweet (using twitlonger) to Alicia and claims she will tweet it every day until she gets a response. Very interesting to me that it was done in a public forum (twitter) however she was very mature about the situation. Check it below:


After having a great evening with my son and enjoying some fun twit chat, I decided to sign off and get some work done. However, a few hours later I was advised that I should check @aliciakeys twit page. I’ve never reached out to her on twitter before. I feel our issues are a lot more serious than a website conversation. Not to mention that I’ve reached out to her many times in the beginning of this whole thing, as any wife would do. Unfortunately, I never succeeded in getting a response. The 1st time I meet AK, my husband introduced us to each other at an event. ( I have no choice but to call him my husband, until he is not anymore) In the messages that I sent to her (AK), I made it very clear that on the contrary of what she might be hearing, I am still married to my husband, living with him and just had a child. Its been two years and I still have not received a response. What I do receive, is constant displays of selfishness and disconcern to me and my son.

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